maybe we can’t wear them atm, but we are more than ready so don’t wait too long to shop some nice ones, cause Summer is around the corner🌸🌸
Shop our fave summerdresses.. we linked several summerdresses @shopltk search: bySiss..
Don’t wait for summer to shop some cutie pies ’cause they are running fast. Our stylingtip: buy a few ones with a print, such as a flowerprint or dot and several clean ones.. then you can wear the whole week dresses but your look is so differently.. also we aren’t always in the mood for a print so good to have both in your summer wardrobe! and don’t forget the blazer on top (check our Blazer blog).. or a leather jacket.. linked some gems also at LTK.. shop till you drop sweets 💕💕

With love M&E

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