Ring party by Siss pretty family three: pink heart, flower ring, green love


Say hi to this new pretty piece family. when you order you get these 3 Rings so you can mix and match with other rings or wear them separate to get a total different look. Your total outfit will get an upgrade when wearing this ring party. Wearing a basic outfit and adding these styling pieces makes your style one of kind. Happy hands happy you:) there are 3 different pretty ring families so enjoy picking your faves. This special ring package is one of a kind and the green baby is an unique bySiss edition. We ship worldwide and love to see those happy hands all over the world, don’t forget to tag @prettypiecesbySiss then we don’t miss it!


Love to give your outfit an extra touch with these happy by Siss rings. only be careful with washing your hands with soap and perfume to keep the golden effect as shiny as they are. Size is one size and you can wear them how you like it. Size is around 17-18 mm. Inspo you can find on our IG @prettypiecesbySiss and @bySiss

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