bySiss Ballerina crochet off white phone strap


Get your own cream colored “ballerina” bySiss crochet phone strap and beautiful hand knitted styling piece. It’s handmade with so much love in Bali. We designed this pretty one by ourselves with the special pattern to get this look and feel. The strap is finished with a lovely tulle rest fabric in the shape of two bows. We used golden clips to get this luxury and cute look. This unique bySiss phone strap is suitable for every phone. We will deliver an extra pink sweet tool so this styling piece is attachable to every phone. The phone case will not be delivered with it so you can add your own fave case.

Extra note: We ship worldwide and the delivery will be within approximately 4 weeks.

The strap is also suitable to attach to your camera, keys or fave bag/clutch. So it’s a 4 in 1. Will you tag us @bySiss and @prettypiecesbySiss when wearing it? Love to see it on you girls. X M&E

Details: the weight of our phone strap is around 200 gram and 95 cm long.


This pretty piece is double layered. It’s washable but the golden clips you need to protect from the water. That will loose her color in the end. So be careful.

All straps will be finished with a cute tulle fabric in the shape of two bows.

special note: we ship worldwide no matter where you are. Love to see our pretty pieces on you.


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 90 × 10 cm
Return policy

We do




situation can

have effect on

the delivery

time be aware

of that.

All will be



from Bali by


Hope you


returns are

possible but

keep an eye on


You can also


someone else

happy with it.

Return costs

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you, love to be


with you.

Custom costs

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forsee and

these costs

are for you.

Order details

Expect to

deliver within

3-4 weeks.


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