by Siss white oversized logo tee


Yes! we have our perfect oversized white tee with big bySiss pink embroidery logo available on stock like you asked.. sorry to say but the first drop is limited!
the size is one size (oversized) and we picked this fitting ‘cause you can wear it easily on your biker shorts, on a cute mini skirt or just as a big lounge shirt cozy stylish at home. Also it’s the best one on the go when traveling. The logo is meant to wear on your back but also it’s possible to wear the cute pink logo on the front if you are just love to switch once a while like us. The fitting is the best when wearing the logo on the back. We are 1,69 cm so you have a ref how the tee fits. On our bySiss Instagram you will find more how to wear inspiration. Love to see you wearing our tee in all different countries. Lucky you because we ship worldwide from Bali. Delivery within 4 weeks we expect.

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Wash the tee gentle with care, we advice handwash. Flat dry to keep the logo as beautiful as it is. The size is one size. Comparable with a XL tee fit. Designed by us twins and handmade by a local tailor in Bali and shipped from Bali.

Embroidery pink logo is 30 x 15 cm

length tee around 70 cm from rib board until  bottom of tee, around 65 cm width. Sleeve length around 25 cm. Dropped shoulder fit.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 65 cm
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time be aware

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All will be



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happy with it.

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to Bali are for

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with you. And off course it has to be send back in the perfect condition like we send it to you.

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