by Siss Pretty ribbon phone charm


Ready to make yourself extra happy with this new phone charm. This new one we designed ‘cause we love ribbons and this one is a present for you and your phone. This pretty piece will make your mirror selfies extra pretty when wearing this ribbon charm when it’s attached to your phone but it’s multi functional ‘cause it’s also attachable to your keys or bag. We used an univeral clip. And the nicest about this charm that you can wear the rubber heart also as a bracelet. This cutie is pretty, but also it’s a good solution for not losing your phone. So a keeper girls, we got you 💕💕

extra note:  Delivery will be within 2 weeks we expect. Depends off course where we send your order to. We do worldwide shipping. With love, mardy & esme


This phone charm is one of a kind. All ribbons are selected by us twingirls. Perfection is to us also uniqueness. The colors we chose are cream tones, pink (off course) and some pastel lovely additions. We used sustainable qualities in the ribbons and mixed it with new fabrics to give this piece her extra uniqueness.

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