LAUNCHING OUR OWN BRAND. Pretty pieces bySiss.

bySiss wearing handmade sustainable phone straps

LAUNCHING OUR OWN BRAND. Pretty pieces bySiss.

Our own handmade pretty styling pieces.. The first pretty piece is this unique phone strap handmade in Bali. Made of beautiful rest fabrics so it’s sustainable and unique and we are over the moon… it’s made with so much care and love. Our vision of our brand is that we design something that is one of a kind, a key styling piece that completes your total look and always a pretty one that makes you happy when you wear it.. and we know this phone charm will give you this magical feeling. It is attachable to every phone case so you can attach every phone case you love. Combine it with your fave phone case to make your own unique combination. Our Phone Strap and pretty styling piece will upgrade every look and is tonight at 7 PM European time available for pre order. We will deliver them in approximately 4 weeks. Stock is limited so hurry up to get yours. Don’t miss your chance to shop this one of a kind bySiss phone strap our first pretty piece!! we will stay up all night when we launch.. Here in Bali it will be 02:00 in the night but in Europe it will be 07:00 PM. Also we created a new instagram @prettypiecesbysiss more inspiration how to wear all pretty pieces or check our instagram @bySiss can’t wait to see you tonight and see you wearing it all over the world. Please tag us we would love that.

With love x Mardy & Esme

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